Is a GSD right for me?

While German Shepherds are one of the most versatile breeds (and cutest puppies!) ever produced, and can be a perfect fit for many people in different situations, they also require much commitment and dedication from their master. Before purchasing a puppy, please take a few moments to evaluate whether or not a German Shepherd is a good choice for you and your family. Please note: the following list of questions does not necessarily involve all the aspects of keeping a German Shepherd, but is provided to help you assess your compatibility with the breed.

  • Am I prepared to train a puppy, or hire someone who is?
  • Is my lifestyle compatible with the needs of a dog?
  • Is my home conducive to a large dog?
  • Will my puppy be able to receive the proper socialization required to produce a loving and loyal adult dog?
  • Do I have access to adequate space for exercising a high-energy puppy/dog?
  • Would my puppy be left unattended while members of the family are at work or school? If so, how will I insure that he receives the necessary care?
  • Am I prepared to love a puppy, in spite of the naughty things that puppies do?