About Our Dogs

 We are a family who loves our German Shepherd, and who raise puppies for the love of the dog. We carefully select our breeding dogs for traits that contribute to strong, healthy offspring, and that we have come to value so highly in our journey. Our dogs are descended from pure German lines, and hold the potential, if trained and socialized properly, to become excellent family pets and/or work animals, with the myriad and varied possibilities for which the breed is famous.

Our family wants to give you and your family the best experience possible when you bring a German Shepherd into your home and life. It is our mission to provide you with the companion dog you are looking for.

We are not interested in titles and accolades. Rather, we seek to produce dogs that are trainable for companionship and protection and will meet the needs of the families who purchase from us. We embrace the history of the German Shepherd as sheep-herders (shepherds) and livestock dogs, and seek to preserve the traits of temperament that have brought the breed its popularity: confidence, nobility, and loyalty to his master. Also, we strive for dogs that are direct in their view of strangers, yet approachable and friendly.

Our next litter is scheduled for availability in Summer 2019. Please “stay tuned” to our Available Puppies page for more information and pricing.