A Walk Through Colonial Williamsburg


The Governor’s Palace

Several weeks ago, after attending the Family Economics & Mentorship Conference, we were blessed with the opportunity to take a brief evening walk through Colonial Williamsburg with Matthew and Amanda. Though most of the shops and tourist attractions were already closed for the evening, we were just in time for a lovely sunset and thoroughly enjoyed our leisurely stroll together. Special thanks to Matthew for suggesting the idea!


The fall foilage was truly stunning – a testimony to the creativity and handiwork of our Creator


Taking a ride in the shuttle


We enjoyed ourselves so much that, when our dear ones gave us an invitation to come back with them a few weeks later, we decided to take them up on the offer… stay alert for a post about that trip coming soon!

Colonial Williamsburg offers many young-child-friendly, wholesome, and incredibly educational opportunities for the entire family. Learn a fascinating portion of our nation’s history, and be reminded of the providence of our God. Visit here to get your seasonal passes today!



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