Family Economics Conference 2014 — Review

With much gratitude to the LORD and to the Generations with Vision team, we report that the Family Economics & Mentorship Conference this past weekend was a decided success! How can one summarize, in a short post, several days packed to the fullest with encouragement, solid, Scriptural teaching, and precious fellowship?! Perhaps the best way to attempt this feat would be to merely touch on the highlights of the event.

IMG_7642Mrs. Swanson, testing out Confederate Candles

Eric Weir ("Godly Fathers, and the Crying Need of our Day")Kevin Swanson

Togetherness: Winking smile

Special thanks to our dear brother-in-law for loaning his wife and baby to us for the week while he returned home for work… having Amanda back as an active part of the Neely Team was such a joy! Matthew joined us for the last day of the conference, and what a blessing it was to be all together again.



Each session, presented by Christ-centered, dynamic speakers such as Kevin Swanson, Eric Weir, Steve Riddell, Daniel Craig, Gregg Harris, Anne Miller, and Rick & Marilyn Boyer – was spiritually refreshing and highly practical. Topics included entrepreneurship, sales, godly character, marketing, mentorship, family life, and communication. We all left inspired, convicted, challenged… and ready to continue pressing onward in our various ministries, businesses, and family lives for the glory of our Savior and the advancement of His kingdom.

Greg HarrisSteve Riddell


What an honor it was to be able to minister through music during the conference! Special thanks to David Craig for all of his work in organizing this. His forethought and consideration allowed everything to run smoothly, and left us feeling welcomed and cared for. The music of the Craig and Roche gentlemen was also an incredible blessing to us.

"New Name in Glory" -- a stunning men's sextetBe Thou My Vision -- arranged by Ben Botkin


Participating in the vendor hall presented a perfect opportunity to get to know many precious families. The sweetness of the fellowship was a reminder of the blissful eternity that awaits those who have trusted Christ – to live for endless ages sharing the common bond of His love will be unspeakably glorious! This weekend was truly a foretaste of that joy. Friday evening, the conference team graciously hosted a pizza party for all of the attendees, allowing for even more fellowship to take place (imagine seeing a total of about 110 Domino’s pizzas piled on serving tables — quite a delicious sight! Smile).

IMG_7639The Young Living table

Panel discussion on the role of wives/daughters in the family economy: Megan Roach, Mrs. Anne Miller, Samantha Parker, Mrs. Alexander, and Mrs. Marilyn BoyerIMG_7641

Hotel staff:

And, last but certainly not least, the staff at our hotel (Holiday Inn Express, Hampton, VA) also largely contributed to the blessings of the weekend. Professional, accommodating, kind, and incredibly friendly, their actions and words spoke very well for their company. If you are ever passing through that area, we highly recommend this hotel!


A final summary… We praise the Lord for His merciful kindness so clearly manifested this weekend on our behalf, and look forward to returning home to apply what we have heard and learned. May He remain preeminent in all of our endeavors.

Family Economics Conference 2014


On the weekend of November 6-8, 2014 in Hampton, VA, join a group of families seeking to build their home and children in the areas of not only relationships and character, but also in finances, budget, vocational training, higher education, and more. Speakers Kevin Swanson and Eric Weir, as well as many others, will be sharing their God-given wisdom in this area.

Members of our Team plan to be vending at this exciting family event. Register here to attend. We look forward to seeing you!

It’s Back! A Mirror of His Grace

With gratitude to the Lord and to our wonderful website counselor, Robert Staddon, we are delighted to announce that our first music recording, A Mirror of His Grace, is available again… this time, in mp3 download!


The story…

Many have asked about the story behind our first CD. In 2007, the Lord took our family through a period of difficulty and testing. Then, in the fall of that year, when He opened the door to record at Brightwater Digital (Greenville, SC), many of the songs we chose to include centered around the theme of trial. While this was unintentional on our part, we now see that our Heavenly Father sovereignly orchestrated this fact so that the project would be a blessing to many going through the storms of life.

A Mirror of His Grace includes twelve songs, many of which are original compositions and/or arrangements by our eldest daughter, Amanda (Wilkes).

Keys for the Kingdom Piano Method Level B


As teachers of beginning pianists, we love using the Keys for the Kingdom piano method series! It progressively moves students from, in Level A, note reading and beginning technique, to, in Keys for the Kingdom Level B, playing on the grand staff in fun and easy pieces. If you have never used this piano method, be sure to give it a try today! Also, the Keys for the Kingdom authors have compiled extra curricular resources to supplement what is learned the the method book. Our favorite books to supplement with are Songs of the the Faith, Music for Performance, and Theory and Technique. Be sure to also check out Songs for all Seasons, an excellent tool to use for the beginning performer.

Keys for the Kingdom Piano Method Level A

As active piano teachers, we are often asked what method we use and recommend. Our favorite piano method for the earliest beginner is the Keys for the Kingdom series, Level A. This wonderful system for teaching and learning one of the most commonly sought-after instruments is effective for all ages, from the little bitties to mature adults. Beginning with the black keys, this method works the student up into the reading of the notes of the grand staff with ease after only a minimal amount of time.

We love this method, too, because the songs, though short and simple, are wholesome, Scripturally based, and musically productive – in contrast to many methods which only use meaningless note patterns with even more meaningless lyrics. Another wonderful feature is that this series incorporates into it’s method many of the essential Italian terms (and their English meanings) that many musicians, due to incomplete training, do not learn until upper level studies.

The set of books is just that – a set. Each level includes not only a method book, but also supplementary materials such as the following that the teacher may choose from based on the needs of the student including

  • Music for Performance – non-sacred supplementary music to enhance the students progress
  • Songs of the Faith – hymns and other sacred music suitable for church and other ministry opportunities
  • Theory and Technique – reinforcing what is learned in the method book through fun activities and exercises to be assigned completed throughout the week
  • Songs for all Seasons – performing pieces for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and more

Many of the pieces in the Method, Music for Performance, and Songs of the Faith books include fun teacher parts to brighten up the learning path. Also, each of the supplementary books includes a tag with the complementary lesson from the method book, making it easy to keep students progressing evenly.


Click below to purchase this wonderful beginner piano method from Shawnee Press!

Keys for the Kingdom Level A Method

Keys for the Kingdom Level A Music for Performance

Keys for the Kingdom Level A Songs of the Faith

Keys for the Kingdom Level A Theory and Technique

Keys for the Kingdom Level A Songs for all Seasons

{C} Family Photo Session


I had the joy of photographing this sweet family a few weeks ago. The children were a delight to work with, creating great poses of their own, and making my job as photographer a breeze!



Thank you, Chapman family, for giving us the privilege of capturing the present to preserve it for the future!


If you would like information on scheduling your family’s photo session, fill out our contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

Special Preview!

For those of you who have enjoyed The Blooming Harpist, you will be happy to hear that the next release is coming soon!


Love and Power

Late-Intermediate and Advanced Sacred Arrangements for Lever and Pedal Harp

Arranged by Aubrey A. Elliott & Victoria A. Neely



“Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground. Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God…” Psalm 147:5-7


“Through the ministry of hospitality, we share our most prized possessions. We share our family, home, finances, food, privacy, and time. Indeed, we share our very lives…Through the ministry of hospitality, we provide friendship, acceptance, fellowship, refreshment, comfort, and love in one of the richest and deepest ways possible for humans to understand.” – A. Strauch

IMG_4909 - Copy

One of our favorite ways to foster the atmosphere of hospitality in our home is through the use of candles. Soft lighting and fragrant aromas are inviting to almost anyone, helping guests to feel at home and at rest. Even with the arrival of unexpected guests, it is quick and easy to slip into the bathroom or living room for a moment and light one. One such simple act does much to communicate a loving and welcoming spirit.

With Confederate Candles, the waste and mess that accompany many other candle brands is almost non-existent, making them highly practical for homes that are continually teeming with busy activity. Confederate Candles are guaranteed to burn for between 30-40 hours, and with the addition of the ring that traps the heat in along the edges, they typically burn clean – all the way down the edge of the jar – so that no wax is wasted. Hand-poured into rustic jars, these candles are tidy to burn and add a touch of homey elegance to any room decor. Click here to view a few of our many fragrance options, and check back soon for additional fragrances!

IMG_2940 IMG_2941