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NEW Christmas Arrangement – FREE for 1 Day

O Come, All Ye Faithful

This week we are featuring an advanced violin arrangement, and are giving it away for 1 day. Here are a few simple details:

  • Follow this link so you can add the product to your cart.
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  • Hurry! The give-away ends tomorrow!

Don’t forget to pass this offer on to your fell musicians, teachers, and students!

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NEW Christmas Sheet Music, and more to follow!


School may only be in its first official week for your family, but for musicians, it’s time to start considering the holiday season. As our family plans the calendar of events for the Christmas season, we look forward to a myriad of opportunities to minister through music. It’s always a joy (and challenge!) to find, prepare, and perform arrangements that will meet the needs of our audiences. Because we understand the struggles of searching for God-honoring music that’s “just right” for the occasion, especially at Christmas, we are excited to bring you several options for fresh arrangements suitable for a variety of instruments, ensembles, and skill levels. Stay tuned so you can be sure to take advantage of the arrangements and sales that are to come! But for now, come over to the Marketplace and take a look at the 3 arrangements of the heart-warming German carol, Silent Night, set for solo violin, viola, or cello, each on an upper-elementary level.

Free Gift for 1 Day!

We are pleased to release our Christmas recording, Let the Joy Begin, as an audio download in our online store. As a special gift to you this season, we are offering the download to you completely free of charge, no purchase necessary, for one day only! Hurry and download now – the offer expires at midnight! Feel free to pass the word along to your friends, family, and neighbors.
We hope you enjoy the true meaning of the holiday, and have a wonderful Christmas at your house!



Reflections of Praise


This recently released recording by the Mieczkowski Family is everything it looks to be, and much more! The Mieczkowskis seek to honor their God in all they do, and that desire is made manifest in the beautiful excellence of their musicianship. Our family has been blessed and inspired by this CD, and the wonderful example of the family behind it. We hope it encourages you as much as it has us.

You can visit their website here to listen to samples and purchase the CD- you won’t be disappointed! It is also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and CDBaby.

New Release! | Sheet Music for GODLY HEROES

Many have asked…

… and we are now grateful to report that the complete sheet music arrangement for Godly Heroes is now available for purchase in our shop!

You can purchase here!

Godly Heroes 2_Page_1

From our recording, Lest We Forget, Godly Heroes is sure to be a favorite for church services, memorial services, special occasions, Patriotic holidays, and more. This arrangement is structured for vocals in 3 parts, piano accompaniment, and an optional violin obbligato.


Words and music by Mike Manor, Arranged by Glenn Christianson. Vocal and violin parts arranged by Amanda M. N. Wilkes.

2015 HEAV Convention

Yet another journey in June was to Richmond for the HEAV (Home Educator’s Association of Virginia) Convention. With the days packed to bursting with busyness, fellowship, opportunities to serve and minister to many precious people, and much more, we all came away truly blessed and uplifted.


One of the numerous blessings of the weekend was seeing the standard of righteousness that the HEAV has set. Throughout the convention, frequent and unashamed acknowledgement of the LORD and His Word was clearly evident, and for that we were immensely grateful.

Convention activities… Smile

** Jessica was privileged to join our friend James (with Lenspiration) in leading a team of photographers for the convention.




** At any convention, the Neely Team always loves the vendor hall… so being able to operate a booth ourselves and walk the floor many times visiting others was certainly a highlight. Smile





** Participating in music, both in the HEAV High School Graduation ceremony and in the lobby background music, was such a joy! Matthew & Amanda joined us at the convention on the day of the graduation, so having Amanda in the ranks again to sing/play brought many smiles.





The Purpose of the Bach Inventions, and the Man Behind Them


The Bach Inventions are a collection of exercise pieces, with a style original to the composer Bonporti. These pieces were based to a large extent on the art of improvisation. As time passed, this sort of exercise music, composed in two parts, became a signature work of Johann Sebastian Bach for the purpose of teaching his son, Wilhelm, how to “compose good inventions and develop them well and to acquire a taste for the many elements of composition.” It is said that the first versions of the fifteen inventions were composed during Wilhelm’s lessons, based on the above phrase from the forward in the Autograph of 1723.

It is interesting to note that, in the order that Bach presented them to his son, the first three of the two-part Inventions – C major, D minor, and E minor – are based largely on portions of scales, sometimes on a scale in entirety. The three following, being F major, G major, and A minor, were composed using patterns derived from broken chords. B minor uses a combination of both ideas. The final eight Inventions were placed in descending order of keys, revealing another interesting fact about Bach as a very orderly instructor.

The two-part Inventions are now used primarily to teach students two things, the first being to play cleanly while only using two parts, and the second, after having mastered the first, to be able to successfully accomplish the learning of three-part contrapuntal pieces, such as Sinfonias. A large advantage given after having learned the Inventions and Sinfonias, is that, with regard to strength and technique, both hands are built up to an equal point.

Life of Bach:

J.S. Bach was born in Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach on March 21, 1685, to Johann Ambrosius Bach and Maria Elisabeth Lämmerhirt. His father was the director of the town musicians, and all of his uncles were professionals in the world of music. Young Bach was immersed in music from a young age, with his father as his instructor in violin and the basic theory of music. One uncle, Johann Christoph Bach, first introduced his nephew to organ, one of the greatest factors in J.S.’s great success as a church musician.

After his parents’ death only eight months apart, J.S. moved in with his eldest brother, Johann Christoph Bach (not to be confused with the uncle, Johann Christoph.) While living with J.C., he capitalized on his opportunities by copying, performing, and studying music, later going on to further music studies at the prestigious St. Michael’s School.

At the age of eighteen, Bach began a career as church organist, which he continued in until 1723. The life of a musician carried him to work in several different churches during this time. Following his church organist career, Bach worked as the Cantor in the St. Thomas Church. This position involved instructing students in Thomasschule in singing, providing the main churches in the area with music, and teaching Latin (for which he was allowed to hire a deputy). He served in this capacity for the next twenty-three years, until his death in 1750.


This essay was written at the request of my wonderful piano instructor, Allison Chetta (Pinner Studios, Greenville, SC).


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