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Summer Highlights at Neely Marketplace

Summer is one of the very best times of year, says the person writing this post. The rush of spring has begun to settle down as the maturity of summer takes its place. The grass is growing steadily, trees are fully leaved, flowers are beginning to bloom, garden produce is starting to come in; everything is just perfect!

Welcome to summer at Neely Marketplace! To celebrate the opening of June, receive 30% off Sun & Sea candles from The Candle Cove at Peachtree. Bring the fresh fragrance of the outdoors, indoors for times when it doesn’t work to be outside. You don’t want to miss these!

With the entrance of June, however, also come the sometimes startling realization that 2019 is almost half gone. It is sobering to step back from all the activity of life and see the speed with which time passes. Most resources can be replaced, but once time is gone, it’s gone.

I love to keep a journal – somewhere to record the many things the Lord is teaching me, the blessings He sends, insights from the Scriptures, and more. I encourage you: leave a record of the wonderful things God is doing in your life for those who follow behind. You will never regret being able to look on specific instances of His love and provision recorded at the time they took place. 

How do you manage your time? And do you have a record of what has filled it?
Check out these two product lines to help manage the rest of 2019 and to document it for future reference. You won’t be sorry!

New Release | Decorative Mason Jars


Rustic, decorative one-pint mason jars available in both narrow and wide mouth, as well as four color options: Aqua Blue, Golden Yellow, Regal Black, and Tango Red. The combination of earth-tones with each vibrant color, and the complimentary textures of burlap, twine, and lace-like ribbon make these darling accessories for your kitchen, dresser, bathroom, or nightstand. Use to spice up your next picnic or party as a silverware holder! Add a pump lid to make it into a soap or mouthwash dispenser, or simply use as a vase for fresh-cut flowers, a pen jar, or a cute way to put essentials on display. Includes a mason jar-shaped wooden tag for ease of labeling.


These lovely mason jars make perfect gifts!
In stock for a limited time only… purchase today!


Practical Basket Uses | Techno!

What do you do with the numerous accessories that accompany your computer, your tablet, your phone, or any other device?

Check out our efficient methods of storage in the form of lovely handmade baskets here!



Also, don’t forget the incredible sales still taking place! Not only is EVERYTHING in the shop 15% off until January 15th…

…but the popular Christmas Tree & French Vanilla Confederate Candle scents are an
additional 30% off!!**

Simply enter the code christmas15cc during checkout.
**Offer valid until December 31, 2015.

Practical Basket Uses | My Personal Favorite

Just had to share with you today my favorite way of utilizing the gorgeous handmade basket I have in my room…


… sitting atop my Amish-made hope chest, this basket has been a organizational life-saver! Body spray, lotion, essential oils, lip balm, a conch shell from last year’s beach trip, and much more stay tidy, attractive, and convenient to grab at a moment’s notice.

Order YOUR handmade basket today!

Practical Basket Uses | Personal Accessories

What are you supposed to do with those personal accessories that are always dumping out of your closet? Why not try a beautiful, handmade basket to place them in… and then place it in your room as a part of the décor? Tucked in a corner, arranged on the dresser, or even set on the bookshelf or desk, baskets can turn what used to be a disorganized heap into an attractive display of style and taste!

Check out our options here!


New Release! | Handmade Baskets

For months now, two special members of the Team have been apprenticing under the expert instruction of a friend of ours, in the beautiful art of basket weaving. We are pleased to announce the new availability of several of their lovely works… check them out here!

These baskets are handmade in the mountains of western NC. Made from quality wooden reed; many include a solid wooden base for extra durability. Ideal for home organization & décor, office display, gifts, and so much more!


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