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Song Highlight: Our Blessed Redeemer

With the first mix sent back for the next round of post-production edits, we are getting more and more excited about the pending relesase of our new family album. The texts for the songs contained on the album have been written by the Lord’s people in many different times and situations. One in particular, “Our Blessed Redeemer,” was adapted from Fanny Crosby’s classic gospel song, “Praise Him! Praise Him!” Truly, the Lord is our Great Shepherd, our Blessed Redeemer, and the One Who rules forever.

This arrangement features a lovely SAT trio offset by children’s choir, all supported and enhanced by a dual-piano accompaniment. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Ten Skills Every Church Pianist Should Have

Nearly every pianist will, at some point, fill the role of a church pianist. Even if it is not a long-term arrangement, every pianist should be prepared to serve in this capacity by developing certain skills. Here are the top ten skills that my church music professional sister and I have found extremely beneficial to have in ministry.

The skill of:

1.       Improvising from the hymnbook for supportive congregational accompaniments

2.       Improvising from the hymnbook for supportive and artistic accompaniments for soloists and ensembles

3.       Improvising from the hymnbook for solo work

4.       Adapting improvisational styles to the emotions of the moment when playing solo, and even when not alone

5.       Sight-reading choral music

6.       Sight-reading from the hymnbook (and improvising while doing so)

7.       Playing “Happy Birthday” from memory, or preferably by ear

8.       Following a conductor through rehearsals and planned performances

9.       Following a music director in congregational playing

10.   Being able to play by ear in at least a general sense (hearing the basic I, IV, V chord progression necessary to playing basic songs by ear)


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Here is one of our favorite books of piano solos for church pianists-in-training. These arrangements are wonderful for supplementing classical studies while building a solid repertoire for ministry.

Cover tiny file look inside Bless the Lord Early-intermediate Piano Solos. Composed by Gina Sprunger. Sacred. SoundForth #256305. Published by SoundForth (S2.256305).


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