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Introducing the LARRY2!

What could be better than the LARRY 8-LED light?

Not much…

Except the LARRY2!


Larry2 has a few more LEDs under his belt, which boosts his lumen output to 160! The Larry2 also features a red laser pointer that emits from the top of the light. Being the essential handyman light, the Larry2 still has some of the features that made the Larry so great: the 180-degree rotating magnetic clip, reinforced plastic body design and ergonomic grip. The Larry2 is perfect for endless applications and is still convenient enough to slip into your pocket.  More features…more lumens…same Larry style!

Get your LARRY2 today!

Larry 8-LED Lights

Just in time for Christmas!!

Larry Light Combo

They make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Perfect for anyone and everyone on your gift list! Keep it on the refrigerator so that it’s easy to find in case of a power outage. Tote it in your purse to help you find lost items quickly. Store it in the garage to magnet to the tractor on the nights when the work isn’t finished by dark, or to work on engines. Carry it in your shirt pocket for daily use. Travel with it in your car.

The uses are endless!

How will you use your Larry 8_LED Light?

Order now! Available in red and blue.

Blue Larry LightRed Larry Light

Just In Time for Christmas Orders… New Thera-pit-ic Pac Covers!

Just in time for your Christmas shopping – check out the updated Thera-pit-ics page, and see the many new products that have been added!

We are delighted to offer numerous options… happy ones, floral ones, manly ones, neutral ones… perfect for the family member, friend, business associate, or client for whom you have been searching for “just the right thing.”

A few of the favorite options out there…



For 12 creative uses for your Thera-pit-ic Pac, click here!!


Thera-pit-ics are great for sharing… for bringing smiles to those you love. They are also comforting to a headache and helpful for sleeping on a wintry evening.



Special Preview!

For those of you who have enjoyed The Blooming Harpist, you will be happy to hear that the next release is coming soon!


Love and Power

Late-Intermediate and Advanced Sacred Arrangements for Lever and Pedal Harp

Arranged by Aubrey A. Elliott & Victoria A. Neely



“Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground. Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God…” Psalm 147:5-7