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12 Uses for A Therapitic Pac

Question: How can you use a Therapitic Pac?

1. To keep casserole dishes warm on the way to a potluck dinner
2. To relieve aching muscles and joints
3. To warm feet on a wintry evening (or in the deer stand!)
4. To keep a sick Komodo dragon warm on the way to the vet
5. To cool off after a long day in the sun
6. To keep lunch cool on the way to a picnic
7. To give as a unique gift
8. To sleep with
9.  To keep scrambled eggs warm on the way to visit a sick friend in the hospital
10. To make memories
11. To keep the baby warm in the stroller
12. All of the above


Answer: 12. All of the above (Based on actual testimony of users.)

Drop us a comment and tell us how you use your Therapitic pac!

Why “The Neely Team?”


Well, it’s simple.

1. Because we need to be a Team.
2. Because we want to be a Team.
3. Because teams have to work together in order to survive, and we have to do the same.
4. Because we like to be identified with one another.

These are a few reasons. I’m sure more could be listed.

God has put all twelve of us into this family for a specific purpose.  He has given us specific tasks to accomplish. He has done this at a specific time in history.

What is our specific purpose?

In three brief categories, our family’s purpose is:

To glorify our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
To encourage other families and individuals.
To work together, taking dominion in Kingdom-advancing tasks.

What are the specific tasks?

The practical side of day-to-day living and the fulfillment of our purposes are myriad and progressive. Myriad because of the multitude of varying tasks and goals; progressive because we’re “a work in progress.” We have so much to learn, so many goals, dreams, and ideas. But above all, we desire to bring honor and glory the the Lord Jesus Christ in everything we think, say, and do. This is our ultimate goal and purpose.

When is the specific time?

It is now. God has sovereignly put us in the place we live, with the people around us, at this point in the world’s history. We praise the Lord for the ways in which He has led and taught us up until this point. May we be faithful to Him with every ounce of energy and every breath of air until the day He calls us home to be with Him!